Mandy Patinkin on Homeland’s S3 Premiere Twist

I talked to Mandy Patinkin about the new season of Homeland, particularly about how his relationship with Carrie. It didn’t make it into the article (which you can and should read here) but I did ask him about the premiere’s final twist, that congressional hearing scene, and why Saul threw Carrie under the bus:

That is the ball game. You just asked the 100 million dollar question. That is a fine question to ask. Why would any of us do that to anybody? You can go to Shakespeare — I’m just going to give you a possibility — in “Hamlet” when Claudius says to Gertrude, “I must be cruel only to be kind.” Maybe that’s why is behavior is the way it is. Maybe he’s exhausted with Carrie. Maybe his plan is so intricate that he needs to throw her under the bus. Maybe he’s had it. He suffered this loss of 219 coworkers — you can bet that some of those coworkers were dear people to him. People he recruited. People he spent his life with, and he is just a human being. He had a limited amount of resources and she’s a wild one, Carrie. There’s only so much you can corral. So you saw what happened. I’m not sure why it happened, maybe its impulsive. Maybe it wasn’t what he intended to do. Maybe it was a mistake. he caught in the whirlwind of it. Maybe Lockheart [the senator interrogated him] blindsided him.